Reborn Dolls

Doll Festival held in Germany

There was a large doll festival held last weekend in the German town of Eschwege.

Multiple Exhibits

There were over 140 exhibits which of course included newborn baby dolls and various other reborns. Tge show is called Puppenfesttage.

Large Crowds

The event was well attended with over 1000 people arriving from all parts of Europe. The host of the event “Leokadia Wolfers” spoke of how important the occasion is each year to doll collectors in Europe.

Something for all Reborn Baby Doll Lovers

Corinna Greiner-Husarand and her daughter from Mainz were particularly excited by the reborn exhibits with the young girl purchasing her second reborn. Both young and old find plenty to enjoy each year.


The display from Mandy Schumann showed reborns in incubators which was not to everyone’s taste.

She defended her creations noting that realism is always something to strive for in the reborn community.

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