Reborn Doll Kits

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Reborning or Newborning is the term used to describe the process of making one of these figures from a kit instead of turning an already made doll into a “reborn” one.

Reborn Baby Doll Starter Kits

Starter kits for this process generally come with faces and heads, limbs and eyelashes, paint brushes and pellets for weight, genesis heat set paints, cable ties, cloth bodies, nose drill bits, thinning shears, fake tears, cotton dipped applicators, cosmetic foam wedges and glue.

Reborn Doll Supplies, Materials and Clothing

Those are the materials that will be necessities. There are more supplies that you may also need.

reborn doll kits

You may want to get some acetone in case you do not like the paint that the factory put on. Whether the baby is to have hair or not is optional but if so then you will need to get some.

Reborn Doll Hair

For this you can use fine mohair, wigs or even human hair. If you choose for him/her to have hair then you will also need a rotting tool and these are sold in various sizes. You may also want to purchase some eyes and if so they are also offered in a plethora of both sizes and brands.

If you are making a figure in this fashion then you will more than likely take it apart and remove the factory paint and then apply a blue color wash to the inside of each of the vinyl parts for more realistic doll undertones for the skin. If it is to be awake then you will need to add eyes.

Vinyl Painting

The outer parts of the vinyl will need not just a few but dozens of layers of paint.

If you are using the heat set paint then after each coat the doll will either need to be baked in the oven or blown by a heat gun in order for the specialized paint to dry.

You should also drill the holes for the nose and manicure the nails. Then you will want to add the hair.

Weighting and Magnets

When you finish with the hair you stuff the original vinyl body with the weight pellets. Some people also weight the heads. You can also put magnets in the head to hold bows or inside the mouth to hold a pacifier.

More add-ons

There are even electronic devices that you can get that will make the heart beat or even make the chest fall and rise to simulate breathing.

Some can be given umbilical cords. They also make things for baby fat, voice boxes or even heat packs to make the doll feel warm to the touch.

Take your time

All in all, if you are going to make one of these dolls, plan to spend at least 2 months or more on the project.