Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders Reborn Girl #8

This is a lovely slightly unusual reborn baby girl featuring a very cute crooked mouth style.

She has beautiful brown eyes and hair and is priced very reasonably for a doll of this quality.

You can see more pictures and read more HERE.

Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders Reborn Baby #7

Hope everyone is having a pleasant Wednesday. Today we are taking a look at 3 month old baby Joseph.

He is a little big for his age so you will find that he can fit into older clothes, perhaps even as high as 12 months.

He has a fat little belly and legs and comes with a sleeping cert,

This is a DIY kit so you will have to assemble Joseph yourself. You will also need to purchase the chubby Realborn® belly plate separately.

Find out more HERE and be sure to contact the seller with any questions.

Thursday Temptations

Thursday Temptations – Reborn Baby Girl #7

Sally-Anne is her name and she was lovingly created by Jayne Heappey who has been reborning since 2008.

Sally-Anne has been created diligently to represent the real feel of a baby with correct head weighting and anatomically correct limbs.

Her skin colour has been carefully selected to achieve realism with the correct fillings used throughout her body.

You can check out more pictures and learn more about Sally-Anne by CLICKING HERE.

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Reborn Doll #7

Another Friday has come around…at last, so allow us to introduce you to another beautiful reborn baby doll.

Beautiful Skin

The baby is twenty two inches with very realistic skin and non blinking eyes. His/Her hair is soft to the touch with a pretty crooked smile.

All Included

This newborn baby doll will arrive with the clothes you see pictured.

For more information and pictures, click HERE.

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Reborn Baby Boy #6

It’s Friday at last! and we are celebrating by feasting our eyes on wee baby Daniel.

He weighs 5 pounds and ten ounces with three quarter arm and leg lengths.

He will arrive as you see him with the same lovely outfit.

You can see more pictures by CLICKING HERE.

Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders Reborn Baby Boy #6

It’s a nice sunny day as I write here but just in case your morning needs a little more sunshine, let me introduce Baby Boy Levi.

Little Levi was created by Jayne Heappey. She lives in Yorkshire in the UK and works full time making beautiful reborn dolls.

She mentions that Baby Levi came with a small dent on the back of his head so may need a few extra cuddles 🙂

Levi will arrive to you with his nappy, blanket, dummy and birth cert.

Find out more about Levi by CLICKING HERE.

Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders Reborn Baby Girl #5

Today’s Wednesday Wonder is this beautiful little girl called Abigail designed by Fiorenza Biancheri.

She has subtle veining and mottling with blue undertones for depth to replicate a real babies skin tone.

She weighs five pounds and is twenty two inches in length. Abigail has been realistically weighted as well as having floppy arms and legs.

If you decide to buy this reborn doll, she comes with everything pictured including the outfit and accessories

You can see more pictures and read more HERE.

Reborn Dolls

Ashton Drake Reborn Babies

Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders Reborn Baby Girl #4

Today we are showcasing the beautiful “Chloe” from Ashton Drake Reborns.

Linda Murray is the supremely talented designer of this little beauty.

This reborn girl is a lovely little bundle of joy and makes for an excellent addition to any collection.

She can actually respond to your touch which is not something we normally see but may be a nice add-on depending on your preference.

Find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Thursday Temptations

Thursday Temptations – Reborn Baby Doll #6

This reborn may be a great gift option for someone wishing to start their reborn doll collection.

He/She is 18 Inches and weighs 4lb.

It’s up to you to decide if you think the baby should be a boy or girl. This reborn was made in a small homespun factory in Spain and is part of the Saxon Reborn collection.

He/She comes with a nappy, dummy, birth cert and scan photo.

Find out more HERE.

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Reborn Baby Girl #5

This Friday, we wanted to introduce you to gorgeous Saskia.

Saskia was sculpted by Bonnie Brown and comes from Clare’s Reborn Nursery.

She weighs 6 pounds and is 22 inches in length. Her birth date was just 5 days ago on the 21st of June.

Find out more about little Saskia by clicking HERE.

Thursday Temptations

Thursday Temptations – Reborn Baby Girl #5

Little Olivia caught our eye today and is number 5 in our Thursday Temptation series.

She weighs four pounds and is eighteen inches in length. Olivia comes complete with a sleepsuit, headband, dummy, blanket and more.

She looks an absolute bargain at under the 100 pound mark. Find out more by clicking HERE.

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Reborn Baby Doll #4

A real Friday treat! Have a look at this tiny ten inch baby girl. She is just adorable!

  • Painted with GHSP
  • Micro rooted mohair
  • Arrives with outfit and muslin cloth
  • Full bodied and anatomically in order

See more picture by clicking here.

Monday Marvels

Monday Marvels – Reborn Baby Girl #3

Welcome to another week here at Hope you are all doing OK during these strange times. Today’s marvel is a real beaut.

This tiny little girl measures just twenty four centimetres. She has delicate mohair and still has the umbilical cord.

Her mouth can open so you can see her tiny tongue. She also has a dummy and will arrive in a Moses basket.

Find out more HERE

Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday Treasures – Reborn Baby Girl #5

Let’s say a big hello to happy smiley little Esther 🙂

She is just 3 kg in weight and 19 inches long so falls into the preemie category.

She is another limited addition creation from the Milo sculpt by Heike Kolpin.

Find out more HERE.

Thursday Temptations

Thursday Temptations – Reborn Doll #4

This really beautiful reborn is currently the subject of a bidding war on eBay. It’s easy to see why reborn baby fans would want to add this doll to their collection.

The first owner bought the doll just a couple of months ago but sometimes for whatever reason these things don’t work out.

This reborn has soft mohair, weighs just over five pounds and is twenty inches long.

Find out more details HERE.

Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders Reborn Doll #3

A reborn up for adoption today – SOLE Indie by Laura Lee Eagles.

This reborn doll has been well looked after having been mostly used for display purposes. She also lived in a smoke free house.

She weighs 5 pounds, 4 ounces and is eighteen centimetres in length.

Find out more information here.

Thursday Temptations

Thursday Temptations – Newborn Baby Girl #3

A truly lovely creation this Thursday courtesy of Kate’s Cradles and the wonderfully talented Reborn Artist Catherine Turner.

Newborn Baby Girl
Birth Date: 21st March 2020
Weight: 3 lb and 10 oz
Length: 18 Inches

Read more and see more pictures HERE

Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday Treasures – Reborn Baby Girl #4

This reborn baby girl is looking for a new home after her seller could not quite bond with her. It can happen sometimes that a reborn and their new parent are just not a good fit.

Find out more details and see more pictures here.

Thursday Temptations

Thursday Temptations – Reborn Baby #2

Today we are going to take a closer look at beautiful little Rosie, created by BabyDollArt UK.

She weighs four pounds and is eighteen centimetres long. She comes complete with her sleepwear, dummy, nappy etc

She can be held just as a real baby due to weight and design. Her magnetic dummy can be removed if necessary by contacting the seller before purchase.

Find out more and see more pictures here

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Reborn Doll #3

For our third episode of Friday Favourites, we are delighted to introduce you to sweet Shaya.

This is a gorgeous collectors item and sure to please any reborn dolls fan.

Shaya is not suitable for anyone under the age of 14. She has been created with much care and attention.

Take a look at more wonderful pictures here.

Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday Treasures – Reborn Baby Boy #3

This beautiful baby boy was sculpted by Bonnie Brown. He has been previously looked after and they have obviously done an excellent job.

These reborns are quite hard to find these days so you may just be able to grab a bargain at auction.

The baby is fully weighted with rooted/combi hair.

See more stunning pics and read more HERE

Monday Marvels

Monday Marvels – Reborn Baby Girl #2

Wow! A truly gorgeous reborn baby girl! She was born on February 25th at Kates Kindergarten.

Find out more by CLICKING HERE

Thursday Temptations

Thursday Temptations – Reborn Doll #1

Some more breathtaking work from the Little Sunshine Nursery. Today we gave a warm Thursday welcome to Odessa.

Little Odessa was sculpted by the supremely talented Laura Lee Eagles. Odessa is eighteen inches in length and weighs three pounds.

There is quite a bidding war going on at the moment for Odessa. You can read and see more pictures by clicking here.

Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday Treasures – Reborn Baby #2

The next edition of Tuesday Treasures brings us Baby Rosalie.

Rosalie was sculpted by Olga Auer and brought to life by Marian Ross from Scotland.

She has been filled with a mix of fine glass granules, steel beads and high quality, soft fibre-fill to create a realistic weight, whilst still retaining the cuddle factor and slight floppiness of a real newborn baby.

See more pictures of Rosalie by CLICKING HERE.

Monday Marvels

Monday Marvels – Reborn Doll #1

Hope you are all having a nice start to the new week. Here’s Corvin, another delightful creation from Sam’s Reborn Nursery and our first Monday Marvel.

Sabine Altenkirch is the sculptor.

Find out more by CLICKING HERE

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Reborn Doll #2

Welcome to the latest in our series of Friday Favourites….it’s Kinsley!

It’s another offering from the renowned Sam’s Reborn Nursery.

You are sure to fall in love with Kinsley’s beautiful smile.

Learn more about Kinsley by CLICKING HERE

Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders Reborn Doll #2 Sue Sue

Give a warm welcome to Sue Sue from Sam’s Reborn Nursery.

Gorgeous Sue Sue was sculpted by Natali Blick.

This reborn baby is highly sought after with a bidding war taking place amongst admirers.

It’s comes with everything you see in the pictures except of course for buggies and so on.

Find out more about our second Wednesday Wonder Sue Sue HERE.

Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites – Reborn Doll #1

Say a big hello to newborn baby doll – Michael.

At the time of writing there have already been 34 bids for this fantastic reborn baby.

He has been sculpted by Bountiful Baby, weighs 5 pounds and was born on the 8th of February.

The baby comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as all the clothes and accessories you see pictured.

Find out more by CLICKING HERE

Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday Wonders – Reborn Doll #1 Rosalie

Excellent work here from Wendy Graham of “Wendys Babies”.

Rosalie is truly a wonder.

CLICK HERE for more information about Rosalie.

Tuesday Treasures

Tuesday Treasures – Reborn Doll #1 Harriet

As part of an ongoing series, we are going to highlight reborn dolls for sale which we really like and depending on the day of week, file them accordingly. As it’s Tuesday, well…let’s look for some treasure.

It was Harriet from the Sunshine Nursery which really caught our eye today. This is quite stunning work to say the least. You can see more pics and read about the work that went into this Reborn by clicking HERE

Reborn Dolls

Join Reborn Dolls on Facebook

First of all, I’d like to sincerely wish all our readers a great big happy new year!

I have big plans for this blog in the coming year and hope to keep you up to date with all the latest news in the world of reborn dolls as well as highlighting some new and exciting reborn dolls for sale.

I’d also ask you to consider liking our facebook page here. We are now above the 200 like mark and I hope it will be an exciting place for Reborn doll enthusiasts to meet up and chat.

I will also be regularly highlighting some reborn dolls there that have particularly caught my eye.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Nursery

This is part of what we hope will be an ongoing series where we highlight Reborn Nurseries from all over the world.

We are going to start with this one from Kelli Maple:

Take the guided tour around the nursery and see what Kelli has come up with. She has quite the collection of reborn dolls.

She has certainly gone to a lot of effort to create a beautiful nursery for her reborns. So much attention to detail is evident and her passion for reborn babies really shines through.

Next up, we will hopefully take a look at a UK reborn nursery.

Reborn Dolls

Paradise Galleries Reborn Dolls UK

Browse our amazing selection of Paradise Galleries Reborn Babies. These Reborn Dolls are meticulously crafted and offer amazing value for money.

Another big name designer in the reborn community is Paradise Galleries. They have been doing their thing since way back in 1991.

The company is based in California and say that much of their inspiration comes from everyday life interactions with friends and family.

There is after all much beauty in so many of our daily interactions which influences reborn doll design.

Worldwide Reborn Dolls Collaboration

It’s truly a worldwide effort at Paradise Galleries with collaborations existing with numerous reborn artists all over the world.

Working with the Community

Admirably, the company also works with senior citizen and offers donations to those in need of a little company.

This is a great company, proudly making a difference. we say…keep up the good work 🙂

Reborn Dolls

Ashton Drake Reborn Dolls

Check out our current selection of beautifully crafted Ashton Drake Reborn Dolls. These amazing reborn babies are made to last and bring many years of joy.

Ashton Drake Reborn Baby Dolls UK

Last updated on

Ashton-Drake provide the reborn doll community with some of the finest creations and continue to innovate after 30 years in the business.

When you purchase an Ashton-Drake real life baby doll, you are assured of quality with outstanding lifelike features.

Ashton Drake Reborn Baby Unboxing Videos

Here are some great reborn doll unboxing videos and others to get stuck into…

Popular Reborn Babies from Ashton Drake

  • Perfect In Pink Annika
  • Abby Rose
  • Ashley
  • Tiana
  • Chloe
  • Olivia
  • Megan Rose
  • Eva Elise
  • Sweetly Snuggled Collection
  • Little Peanut
  • Little Grace
  • Isabella
  • Kayla
  • Katie

Ashton Drake Reborn Lifelike Baby Dolls

As you can see, there is great variety and the craftsmanship is top notch. It’s hard to beat the excitement of unboxing one of these when the postman arrives.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Doll Reviews

Have you recently purchased a reborn baby doll? or even not so recently but feel compelled to share your thoughts on what you like or dislike about the doll.

If you would like to review any reborn dolls, kits, clothes or accessories for then please feel free to get in touch. You don’t have to be a great writer by any means. Honesty is all we are looking for.

Reading reborn doll reviews from fans is an excellent way to learn and discover new artists and designers. There is so much going on in the reborn world that it’s impossible to keep up.

Sometimes the best reborn creators don’t get any publicity and many of us miss out on buying reborn dolls we would love to have.

So, yes, please contact us if you would like to get involved.

Reborn Dolls

The Patsy Family

Perhaps you have already come across the Patsy Family while browsing youtube? If not, head on over and take a look at their channel.

There are a lot of different things going on there but of course the Reborn Doll videos are what we are interested in. Here is one of their daughter taking her reborn doll on a shopping trip.

There is lots more cool and fun stuff to check out like this unboxing video.

I notice that the comments are turned off on most of their videos. Sadly this is often the case as people say nasty things which is really unforgivable when children are involved.

Reborn Dolls

Not everyone likes Reborn Dolls

Sometimes it can surprising how upset some people get about Reborn Dolls. Many of us love and cherish our reborn babies but for others they can be upsetting to see.

Lina Mikaelson shared a picture of her newborn baby doll “Emilia” on instagram and was taken aback by some of the messages she received. Lina had hoped to have our own child but it didn’t happen.

Lina often takes the doll for walks in a stroller and is approached by strangers wondering how old, the name etc…just normal questions about a baby.

She has to be careful to answer correctly and listen to her gut feeling as sometimes people are not happy when they realise it’s a reborn.

She will sometimes tell a white lie to avoid any confrontation while for others she will simply say, no, it’s a doll.

Lina has suffered in the past from panic attacks. When traveling with a friend who had a baby, she noticed that having someone to look after helped her focus and get through the anxiety.

Reborn Dolls

New TV Series to Feature Reborn Baby

A new tv series from M. Night Shyamalan called “Servant” will begin screening later this month.

From reading previews online, it will likely fall into the horror genre. It involves a young people who hire a nanny to look after their baby.

Things however as is normal in this genre, don’t go according to plan. Each week will see the mystery further unraveled. Mr. Shyamalan is certainly known for liking a story with a twist or two.

Shyamalan has spoken a little about the Reborn baby they used for filming. He said it cost more than ten thousand dollars to purcahe and was amazed how lifelike it was.

Reborn Dolls

Black Friday Reborn Doll Deals

Black Friday occurs on the 24th November this year 2023. This is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Keep an eye out for coupons, promo codes, special offers etc

There are all kinds of super sales happening particularly in the areas of clothing and electronics. People are doing their utmost to snap up bargains before they are gone.

So what about our real life baby dolls? traditionally we have not seen much happen sales wise on Black Friday in this area. We will however be keeping a close eye on things and will do our best to point you in the direction of any flash sales or heavily discounted deals.

Keep checking back as we will add details as we find them.

Reborn Dolls

Cheap Reborn Dolls for Sale

A lot has been written in the media about how much money some people choose to spend on reborn dolls.

The general consensus of a lot of the articles particularly in the more thrashy publications tends to offer an almost disapproving glance at those who have spent large sums amassing their collection.

Personally, I feel it’s the decision of the buyer. They are the ones who know how much joy reborn dolls bring into their lives. The word “priceless” often comes up in conversation with those who collect reborn babies.

The other point is that not all reborn dolls are expensive. There are plenty of cheap reborn dolls options for those who either can’t afford it or would prefer to spend a modest amount.

Take a look for instance at the reborn dolls for sale listed here. There is quite a difference in price between the various models usually based on materials used, how realistic plus the reputation of the designer.

Reborn Dolls

Doll Festival held in Germany

There was a large doll festival held last weekend in the German town of Eschwege.

Multiple Exhibits

There were over 140 exhibits which of course included newborn baby dolls and various other reborns. Tge show is called Puppenfesttage.

Large Crowds

The event was well attended with over 1000 people arriving from all parts of Europe. The host of the event “Leokadia Wolfers” spoke of how important the occasion is each year to doll collectors in Europe.

Something for all Reborn Baby Doll Lovers

Corinna Greiner-Husarand and her daughter from Mainz were particularly excited by the reborn exhibits with the young girl purchasing her second reborn. Both young and old find plenty to enjoy each year.


The display from Mandy Schumann showed reborns in incubators which was not to everyone’s taste.

She defended her creations noting that realism is always something to strive for in the reborn community.

Reborn Dolls

Be careful where you leave your Reborn Baby

The town of Keene in New Hampshire had an emergency situation a few years back thanks to a newborn reborn doll left unattended in a car.

Police Office finds Reborn Doll

Working officer Jason Short discover the doll while out on his route and thinking it was a real baby smashed the window of the car and began giving the doll CPR.

Amazingly Realistic

Officer Short spoke of how realistic and lifelike the doll was. It took him sometime to realise it was in fact a doll belonging to a local reborn collector.

Police agreed to pay for the window damage.

Think about where you leave your Reborn

Please remember to look after your reborn babies as situations like this can be quite traumatic for people who do no realise that such wonderful creations exist.

Reborn Dolls

New lease of life for Reborner

There a great article just been published online which is well worth a read.

End of Marriage Leads to New Life

This is the story of Carrie Frantz. After getting out of an abusive marriage and suffering health difficulties,

Carrie needed something to turn her life around. The answer came from her adorable reborn doll. She would try and make her own!

Reborn Kit

Carrie put what little money she had together and went on eBay to purchase a reborn doll kit. Working from home was a big factor for her due to caring for her young son.

Job Satisfaction

Becoming a reborn doll designer really turned her life around. She was able to do something she loved while earning a living and looking after her boy.

Mental Health Benefits of Reborn Dolls

It’s not just about earning money of course. Carrie and others feel the work is important because of the multiple mental health benefits they can offer in certain situations and of course the joy they bring to so many.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Doll Christmas Gifts

Reborn Dolls make fantastic Christmas Gifts. Check out our huge selection of Reborn Babies for sale. We have something to suit everyone.

OK, it’s probably a bit early and I’m breaking my own rule about not mentioning Christmas before Halloween but….It’s not that far away now and reborn doll designers all over the world are busy creating so as to be ready for the online Christmas shopping rush.

Shop Early

If you plan to start or add to your reborn doll collection or perhaps buy one as a gift then now is the time to begin your research.

There are so many resources and shops online now which means plenty of reading.

Do your Reborn Baby Research

You will want to make an informed decision. As you know, a reborn doll is something special and far more personal than the average gift.

Reborn Baby Christmas Presents for Friends and Family

You need to think about exactly what you are looking for or what would make a friend happy.

You could look at what they already have in their collection. Is there a gap? Have they mentioned recently liking a particular doll?

Boy or Girl?

How realistic or lifelike do you want it to be? age? gender? designer? company? website?

We still feel the best variety and choice of dolls exist on eBay. It’s open to everyone so there are no restrictions.

You can check out what is currently available here.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Doll helps Woman with Anxiety

Aoife Kearney from Northern Ireland has never had any interest in having a real baby or a romantic relationship.

She has always found it difficult to mix and was quite shy growing up.

Autism Diagnosis

She was diagnosed with autism when she was 19 and now at the age of 26 has found great comfort in owning a reborn doll.

Reborn Babies Documentary

She watched a documentary about real life baby dolls with her mother and became smitten.

She dreamed of one day having her own and that dream came true with the arrival of baby Dominic which she bought online.


Dominic is always by Aoifes side accompanying her to the shop, hairdressers, pub etc

Benefits of having a Reborn Doll

She says that having Dominic with her has helped calm her in situations she would normally find stressful.

She has been hurt by some of the taunts from people but the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Reborn Dolls

Woman Selling Reborn doll online accused of selling real baby

A woman who recently listed a reborn doll for sale was surprised to be on the receiving end of some nasty abuse.

Daughters Gift

The reborn doll had been a present for her daughter bought several months previously. The girl had shown little interest in the doll so her mother decided to sell it and put the money towards this years presents.

Website Listing causes Fury

One person browsing the website came across the listing and seeing how realistic the reborn was thought that it was actually a real baby that was for sale.

So Lifelike

She certainly let the seller know exactly what she thought of her before being put right. It just goes to show how lifelike reborn dolls really are.

Reborn Dolls

New Yorker Article on Reborn Dolls

We recently came across this article about reborn dolls in the New Yorker though it seems to have been published back in January this year.

The article concerns Jamie Diamond’s series “I Promise to Be a Good Mother”

Forever Mothers

The “Forever Mothers” images are particularly touching and well worth checking out. Some really superb work.

You can read the article here and check out some video work here.

Shop for Reborn Dolls

We currently have a great variety of lifelike reborn dolls for sale.

Check out our current offers.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Dolls change life

A mother of a woman who suffered from various disabilities has spoken about the value these creations have brought to her life.

Tough Childhood

Natalea Wilson had problems with seizures as well as mobility and sight issues. She had a tough time growing up and was often the butt of jokes among other children.

Low Confidence

She lacked severely in confidence and grew more detached as time went on.

Living on disability payments and with little to fill her day, Nataleas life drifted on aimlessly. That was until her mother bought her a reborn doll.

Reborn Doll brings everyday Purpose

Since then she has a purpose. She no longer sleeps all day but takes the reborn for walks as well as feeding and clothing.

It has awakened her maternal side.

She is now building quite a collection of realistic baby dolls and her mother believes the transformation has been huge thanks to the emotional impact of the reborns.

Her confidence has grown and of course she is happier.

Reborn Dolls

Interview with reborn doll artist Ghadeer Al-Shirazi

Ghadeer Al-Shirazi a reborn doll artist from Kuwait recently gave an interview to the Kuwait times.

It’s a wonderful read and you can really fell the passion she has for reborning.

Amazing Reborn Doll Work

Her work consists of incredibly realistic reborn dolls with plenty of variation in face structure.

Reborning Courses

She also runs courses in Kuwait so has some lucky students we’re sure.

Future Plans

She has plans to open a reborn shop and perhaps even a museum dedicated to reborn dolls. She is certainly one to watch.