Reborn Doll Accessories and Supplies

Check out our amazing selection of Reborn Doll Accessories & Supplies. Choose from items such as pacifiers, baby bottles, hair and eye products, paints and much more.

Reborn Baby Accessories

Reborn artists have come up with numerous ideas over the years when creating supplies for reborn babies. There are so many possibilities that it’s really up to personal taste as to which accessories you feel will work best for your reborn.

Reborn Baby Pacifiers/Dummies/Soothers

These are always popular items and easy to pick up at cheap prices with plenty of variety on offer. Most are magnetic.

reborn baby pacifier

Reborn Doll Replacement Eyes & Hair

We all get old and well…some of us might opt for a little help along the way. Perhaps your reborn could use a new hair style (mohair) or just an overall makeover? Acrylic/Plastic eyes are an option.

reborn doll mohair

Feeding Bottles

Another very popular choice available with all sorts of designs and colours. Can make a nice milk bottle.

reborn baby bottle

Reborn Paints

Genesis heat set paints are easily available.

Doll Baskets and Cribs

Companies such as Ashton Drake offer beautiful doll baskets. There are of course some wonderfully talented people offering these items all over the web, in particular on places such as eBay and Etsy.