Reborn Dolls

New lease of life for Reborner

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End of Marriage Leads to New Life

This is the story of Carrie Frantz. After getting out of an abusive marriage and suffering health difficulties,

Carrie needed something to turn her life around. The answer came from her adorable reborn doll. She would try and make her own!

Reborn Kit

Carrie put what little money she had together and went on eBay to purchase a reborn doll kit. Working from home was a big factor for her due to caring for her young son.

Job Satisfaction

Becoming a reborn doll designer really turned her life around. She was able to do something she loved while earning a living and looking after her boy.

Mental Health Benefits of Reborn Dolls

It’s not just about earning money of course. Carrie and others feel the work is important because of the multiple mental health benefits they can offer in certain situations and of course the joy they bring to so many.

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