Reborn Dolls

Not everyone likes Reborn Dolls

Sometimes it can surprising how upset some people get about Reborn Dolls. Many of us love and cherish our reborn babies but for others they can be upsetting to see.

Lina Mikaelson shared a picture of her newborn baby doll “Emilia” on instagram and was taken aback by some of the messages she received. Lina had hoped to have our own child but it didn’t happen.

Lina often takes the doll for walks in a stroller and is approached by strangers wondering how old, the name etc…just normal questions about a baby.

She has to be careful to answer correctly and listen to her gut feeling as sometimes people are not happy when they realise it’s a reborn.

She will sometimes tell a white lie to avoid any confrontation while for others she will simply say, no, it’s a doll.

Lina has suffered in the past from panic attacks. When traveling with a friend who had a baby, she noticed that having someone to look after helped her focus and get through the anxiety.

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