Reborn Doll helps Woman with anxiety

Aoife Kearney from Northern Ireland has never had any interest in having a real baby or a romantic relationship. She has always found it difficult to mix and was quite shy growing up.

She was diagnosed with autism when she was 19 and now at the age of 26 has found great comfort in owning a reborn doll. She watched a documentary about reborn babies with her mother and became smitten.

She dreamed of one day having her own and that dream came true with the arrival of baby Dominic which she bought online. Dominic is always by Aoifes side accompanying her to the shop, hairdressers, pub etc

She says that having Dominic with her has helped calm her in situations she would normally find stressful. She has been hurt by some of the taunts from people but the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

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