Reborn Dolls

Reborn Dolls change life

A mother of a woman who suffered from various disabilities has spoken about the value these creations have brought to her life.

Tough Childhood

Natalea Wilson had problems with seizures as well as mobility and sight issues. She had a tough time growing up and was often the butt of jokes among other children.

Low Confidence

She lacked severely in confidence and grew more detached as time went on.

Living on disability payments and with little to fill her day, Nataleas life drifted on aimlessly. That was until her mother bought her a reborn doll.

Reborn Doll brings everyday Purpose

Since then she has a purpose. She no longer sleeps all day but takes the reborn for walks as well as feeding and clothing.

It has awakened her maternal side.

She is now building quite a collection of realistic baby dolls and her mother believes the transformation has been huge thanks to the emotional impact of the reborns.

Her confidence has grown and of course she is happier.

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