Scary Photos: Reborn Baby Dolls Bring Rescue Effort, Fool Police

By Lynda Johnson
First Published – Jul 16, 2008
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For many people, Reborn baby dolls are just plain creepy. Others believe they are incredible and love to collect the lifelike dolls. They look so much like a real little baby that they have even fooled the police.

That was the case in Australia where police smashed though a window in a locked automobile to rescue a seemingly unconscious baby. The baby wasn’t real; it was a reborn baby doll.

Vynette Cernik had more than one of the reborn baby dolls in her car when the police were alerted that there might be a little infant in trouble in a car, as he wasn’t moving.

Of course he wasn’t moving as he was a doll. Still cops acted and likely did the right thing as these little toys are just so lifelike it is hard to tell.

Fox News is reporting that nearly the same thing happened in the US as well.

According to a report from the news service police trying to rescue a “baby” that turned out to be a doll belonging to the owner’s wife broke a window of a new Hummer to save the “child.” Thankfully it wasn’t a baby, that one turned out to be a doll as well.

These dolls sell for up to $1,000 and the painstakingly hand-painted dolls were so lifelike with eyelashes, fingernails, milk spots and wispy hair that they fool people all the time.

They look so real. “They’re even weighted to feel like a baby’s weight and they flop like a baby” said Cernik.