Reborn Dolls

Fraudsters use Reborn Doll to con public

In a truly disgusting act of greed, a young couple from Pittsburgh used a reborn doll to try con the public out of money.

Fraudulent GoFundMe Page

Geoffrey and Kaycee Lang set up a gofundme page claiming their son had died. They even went as far as to write a fake obituary.

False Pretenses

The money was supposedly being used to pay for an urn. Friends of the couple contacted the police and thankfully the scam was uncovered.

Police Involvement

The police found the lifelike baby doll in their home when alerted as the whole plot unraveled.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Doll Recalled

The magnetic dummy provided with a reborn baby doll supplied by NPK has been noted as a possible choking hazard by the European Commission.

Reborn Dolls are not Toys!

The model number is G1902-CFW-04PMP.

The reborn baby doll comes in a ziplock bag along with a birth certificate. It’s possible you may have bought one through Amazon. NPK are a Chinese company.


You should contact them for a refund if you bought this doll. The doll is considered not to be safe. Trading Standards recommends its return.

Reborn Dolls

Couple Sell Reborn Version of their Baby

This is an interesting one. A couple of youtube bloggers have decided to offer their fans the opportunity to buy a reborn doll version of their baby.

Youtube Reborn Baby Channel

Chris and Sarah Ingham run a popular channel based around the activities of their family. They recently welcomed baby Jace into the family.

Your Own “Jace”

The idea is that people can have their own little Jace. 250 limited edition doll are being made and it is hoped that owners will be able to attend future meetups with the family.

Reborn Dolls

Young Girl Donates Reborn Doll

A generous young girl has donated a reborn doll to a nursing home in Malheur USA.

Therapeutic Benefits of Reborn Dolls

The Pioneer nursing home will surely appreciate this gift. The therapeutic effect of reborns has been well documented on this site and elsewhere.

Fund Raising Efforts

Ms Kulm who attends the local middle school raised the funds needed to buy the reborn baby by selling slime.

Well Done!

We are not entirely sure what that entailed to be quite honest but congrats again to Ms Klum and hopefully her actions will inspire others to similarly good deeds.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Dolls are Cute, NOT Creepy

Dorie Gilliam has become the unintended face of the Reborn Doll craze after she was interviewed by NBC’s Kerry Sanders. She spoke with Sanders about why she loved the dolls.

Reborn Dolls Relieve Stress

Instead of being the creepy person some expected, Dorie was a pleasant women with 3 children of her own, and grandchildren too.

She spoke about how the dolls helped to relieve stress by bringing back a simpler version of a happy time in life.


The Company that Brought them to Life

Reborns is run by Dave Stack, who originated the idea for the dolls. He also runs the web site Bear Pile. He admits that a lot of people, especially men, may not see the value of these dolls.

For many women it can be a chance to re-experience one of the happiest times in their lives. The dolls are crafted to present as many different styles as possible.

Reborn Dolls are Cute

The detail and care put into the creation of realistic reborn dolls perfectly captures the newborn appeal.

From the tiny fingers and toes to the delicate lashes and faint blush – these dolls are a 3 dimensional portrait of the beauty and adorableness of a sleeping newborn.

Lovingly Crafted Reborn Babies

There are very few people that would consider the newborn creepy, and Reborn Dolls are cuter than you can imagine. This isn’t a Cabbage Patch Kid, these are lovingly crafted replica dolls made using reborn doll kits.


Men might not get Reborns

Gilliam and her husband both admit that the Reborn babies may be aimed at women only because men may not get their appeal.

That isn’t a stereotype, but most men don’t provide the primary contact and care for newborns.

It makes sense that the association of love and happiness with this age would be mostly a woman’s thing.

That isn’t to say that some men won’t take to them too, but chances are most won’t have had the experience of caring for a newborn in the way that makes these dolls just perfect.


Reborn Dolls are Good for you

Dorie Gilliam may be more on target than you think with saying that holding the dolls helps relieve stress. It is a common practice to use baby dolls to calm and soothe elderly residents in nursing homes.

Emotional Help

The act of holding and caring can trigger emotions or hormones that help to soothe the body. It’s a plus that these dolls are so realistic – except in one category. These dolls don’t cry, wet themselves or need constant attention.

Reborn Dolls

UK Mother Loves her Reborns

Reborn Dolls in the UK keep making the news and one of the biggest stories is about Wendy Archer.

This is the UK mum who has spent thousands of pounds to acquire four of these dolls, and to provide appropriate accessories for them.

Wendy’s Reborn Doll Story

Her story has been used to feed the controversy behind the dolls, but it may really be the one story that should make you smile and love them even more – or at least let people buy them in peace.

How mad is baby mad?

What would you say about a woman who gave birth to four healthy children, and then wanted more?

We generally don’t call them baby mad, but we generally fault them on a lot of things – irresponsibility and shortsightedness being the main items.


Unable to Naturally have more Children

When she decided she wanted more than the four she already had born, she faced the problem of the sterilization she had undergone previously.

Rather than try to reverse the process or find funding to engage a surrogate mother, Wendy found Reborn Dolls.

To date, she has spent almost £20,000 on her new “babies”. That’s not madness or irresponsibility. That is a very sane and safe reaction to a desire.

What £20,000 buys in reborn dolls

She has spent over two thousand pounds on her Reborn Dolls, but she only has four.

The base price for the dolls comes nowhere near her total, but Wendy also bought cribs, travel seats and other accessories typical for newborn care.

She did use her savings, but is also now working in a doll shop to pay off her bill.

Here’s why what she did may be so good

Wendy is a homemaker who has never held a job. After the birth of her last child, she elected to have sterilization done, but later regretted it when the urge to be around babies came on strong.

Reborn Dolls offered her an outlet for her desire for children without having to have any more.


They also may be adding something to her life that is going to take her to new places.

Yes, she spent her savings on the dolls and then is working off other payments for them – but she has spent her money on a type of lifestyle that tends to help people grow.

This isn’t a woman who spent thousands of pounds on a doll she lets sit on a shelf.

Reborn baby dolls can provide an outlet for nurturing

Wendy’s husband has fully supported her “doll habit.” That’s a term that gets thrown around when talking about Archer. She isn’t blindly collecting the dolls. She has four.

She would like to have more but is not sure when that can happen. With the dolls, the need to care and nurture is satisfied in her.

She still cares and nurtures her four children, and activities with the dolls have become a part of how they stay together as her kids move into their teen years.

Many owners use reborn babies to help relieve stress

Other Reborn Doll fans have been upfront about the fact that holding the dolls, and interacting with them helps to reduce stress. They relate the dolls to times when they had a newborn, and some find it soothing even if they haven’t had children.


Using dolls to relieve stress isn’t a new idea, the medical community has used them for that purpose for a long time.

Dolls are very common on dementia wards as it is known that the human body responds to holding a “child” by releasing stress fighting hormones.

Bringing structure to the day

The other aspect of Wendy Archer’s life that the dolls are taking over is her day. That is one of the best things that is happening.

She has a regime she follows with them that is very similar to taking care of a small child. It is allowing structure to be maintained in a life where it may have gone missing.

Many mothers have a hard time adjusting once their babies grow and become independent. The sense of loneliness and purposelessness can lead to depression. The Reborn Dolls help to make that transition easier.


In closing – they’re cute, and there are worse hobbies to have. Reborn Dolls for sale are crafted to be unique recreations of newborns.

The detail put into each doll is astonishing and learning how to make reborn dolls can be a lot of fun.. They are cute, adorable, and you can cuddle with them without worrying about their breaking.

When it comes to hobbies, one man’s prize is another man’s bane. These Reborn Dolls are a simply wonderful hobby to have. You don’t have to go as far as Wendy Archer, but you just might be surprised what a Reborn Doll could do for your life.

Reborn Dolls

Reborn Baby Dolls UK

Shop for Reborn Baby Dolls. We offer a wide selection of Reborn Babies through our partner websites. Realistic and Newborn baby dolls at cheap prices.

Reborn Baby Dolls in the News

Reborn Dolls have been getting a fair amount of coverage in the news, most of the stories told for shock value and entertainment. When you look a little more closely at the stories, there isn’t anything shocking about them – but fascinating.

Reborn Dolls have grown into a highly specific sub-culture that is providing many women with a unique form of solace, grief support, stress release, and/or a much needed outlet for their desire to care.

Why all the fuss about a Reborn Baby?

The fuss really centers on the fact that the Reborn Baby Dolls are made so well.

Each doll is hand crafted to be a unique replica of a newborn child. Buyers “adopt” the doll, and costs can reach into the thousands – but most come in at around £100.

The fuss is in the realistic appearance of the dolls. As their owners carry them around, or drive them around in real car seats – they have often been mistaken for real infants left in what could have been dangerous situations.

Here is the funny thing, the women who own the dolls never lose sight that the doll isn’t alive. They can’t be faulted for leaving a doll in a car on a hot day.

That’s ridiculous. It’s the shame/shock of the person who first thinks it is a real child left in a hot car who finds out it’s a doll that fuels any outrage – when there is none there at all.


Why are some Women drawn to Realistic Reborn Babies?

The off demographics of the Reborn Dolls tell only part of the story of why they are so attractive to some women. The buyers are typically white, conservative and Christian women though of course not always.

This is a demographic that values childbearing and rearing highly. For women who cannot conceive, have lost a child, are past child bearing age, or cannot support having more children – the dolls are a way to preserve and protect the integrity of their identity.

Lifelike Reborn dolls UK are about much more than collecting, they are about healing.

This is about more than Collecting Lifelike Baby Dolls

Psychologists are torn about the helpfulness of the dolls. They recognize, as does the rest of the medical profession, that cuddling a doll can cause the body to release hormones that promote relaxation.

For those who have lost young children, the doll can become a way to transition from grief back to life.

For many collectors though, the issue isn’t about grief or stress.


It can give some Women a Chance they never had

Some people are more naturally inclined to caring and nurturing a child than others.

For them, having a baby around almost feels like a necessity. The choice is suffer from a lack of opportunity for caring, have more children, or indulge in a Reborn Doll.

The act of caring for the doll, dressing it and play-acting with the doll can be as engaging as doing the same with a computer game avatar.

The main difference is you can hold this avatar in your arms.


Reborn Dolls FAQ

How much does a reborn doll cost?
The price varies hugely. You can find some really high quality items around the £300 mark but equally people can pay up to £20000 depending on the doll. There are also bargains out there for those who watch the auctions carefully. Sometimes really beautiful models can be picked up cheap that only need a little cleaning to bring them back to life.
Can they move or talk?
Normally, no. It's not something that most people require. There are however some dolls which may make a crying sound and some have fake tears. You may also find dolls that can have wet pee nappies. Of course, they don't actually drink milk.
Are reborn babies all made of silicone?
Yes, pretty much. Most are full body silicone. This way they will last and can be easily customised.
When was the first reborn made?
Some date it back to the late thirties. This was a time when more of an effort began to be made to make dolls look realistic. The popularity of these items as we know them today really began to take off at the start of this century.
Who makes reborn dolls?
Many are made by enthusiastic hobbyists all over the world. This of course means a fantastic range of designs to suit all tastes. Bigger companies have been getting in on the act over the years but it is largley still a home grown home made industry.
The dummy/pacifier keeps falling out of the mouth?
This is a problem we often hear. You should buy or make a doll which has a magnet behind the mouth. This will hold it in place.
What about hair styling?
Mohair is quite strong so you can certainly try a few different styles. If you are putting any products in then be sure to always clean them out. Leaving them in can cause problems.
Why do people buy Reborn Dolls?
For many reasons. The most spoken about reason is probably for those who have lost loved ones or young babies through miscarriage or child birth. The dolls provide a therapeutic effect in these cases. For others, they simply love the look and feel of the dolls and wish to build a collection. It's really a personal choice and it's important we don't judge anyone. It's all about what makes you happy.
What is a Reborn Baby?
Reborn baby dolls are extremely realistic lifelike babies created by expert designers in the UK and all over the world. In some case the dolls are made to look like a lost loved one. They are often mistaken for real babies.
How to Reborn a Doll?
Your starting point should be a purchasing a reborn doll kit. This will contain the basic tools you need to begin reborning a doll. There are multiple video tutorials on youtube which should quickly help you on your way.